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Welcome to Naija Shine! Are you looking for the newest movies to spice up your night out with friends? Or perhaps a classic film to be nostalgic about? Here at our online movie site, we got it all ready for you. Our diverse and wide selection of cult, independent, classic and foreign films will surely be the highlight of your movie night. 

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Most popular film genres

Can’t decide on which movies to watch? Here are some of our most popular genres that you should check out:

Blu-ray 3D

Want to get into the world of your favourite movie characters? Get close and personal with your favourite protagonists with the 3D illusion of Blu-ray 3D. Watch as you enter the setting of your favourite film and dive straight into an adventure with the characters. We recommend wearing special 3D glasses for this kind of film.  


Nothing makes a late-night movie marathon with friends better than a horror film. Pick your poison and scream your heart out with your buddies as you play the most traumatizing good films in the comfort of your home. 


Feeling a little down lately? Don’t worry, we got you! Our selection covers a wide variety of comedy films that would have you giggling even after a long and tiring day. Laugh your troubles away and enjoy a carefree film that would put a smile on your face. 


Get your imagination running and explore different futuristic concepts that involve space explorations, time travel, technology and extraterrestrial life. Discover different scientific concepts and theories that would leave you wondering about the endless possibilities laid out in the universe.

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Step 4: Wait for your movie to load and you’re done! Don’t forget to give us a rating and share your experience with us. 

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