Naija Shine: What attributes make an amazing trailer?

Movie trailers hold a whole new importance when it comes to the movie-making industry. These minute-long mini-movies would either reel in or throw off the audience into watching your film. That’s why filmmakers are doing everything to hype up the trailers. 

Some are even using countdowns just to boost the thrill of the upcoming movie trailer. With all of these agendas and party tricks, you need to know what actually makes a trailer good. Explore the attributes that make a trailer stand out right here at Naija Shine!

It should set up the basic premise of the movie 

The use of trailers is to hype up the movie and give the audience an idea of what’s coming without giving too much detail. It is meant to arouse the audiences’ curiosity. Giving the audience too much information would allow them to predict what’s going to happen. When that occurs, the audience would no longer have any enthusiasm to see the film. Other trailers avoid this by giving the least bit of information possible, which is wrong as well. 

Introduce some, but not all of the main characters 

This is one of the strategies that made Marvel movies a success, especially the recent Spiderman film, it teased the reappearance of our classic heroes who played the same role by showing their counterparts in the movie. It definitely hyped the film up and made the audience curious enough to see who else would make an appearance on the film. 

Use awesome music 

When we say that music is what makes a trailer to a whole new level, we are not kidding. The song playing in the background should embody the scene and trigger just the right emotions in the viewers. We recommend either playing something completely new or using music that is nostalgic enough to keep the viewers thinking about your movie. Either way, if you manage to pick the right song for your film, you’re already halfway through a successful trailer. 

Capture the mood of the movie 

The feelings that a trailer invokes is exactly what makes it far in the box office. Every scene in your trailer should capture the mood that it should invoke in the story regardless if it’s scary, happy or sad. The audience should feel a certain emotion while watching. Once you trigger these feelings, they would be inclined to discover more. 

Leave the audience hanging 

It’s bad behaviour to leave people hanging, especially in a movie, but it is exactly what trailers should be. It should leave a feeling of anticipation for the viewers. Don’t give away too much information and if possible, you should cut the scene in the middle of an intense action made by the character. 

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